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‘Hiring’ of foreign school in Kuwait triggers criticism

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 13: Several parents of students have condemned in strongest terms the imposition of a foreign school in Kuwait to conduct aptitude tests for students in all educational stages because the school has threatened to reduce grades of students in the event that they do not attend, which has aroused panic among parents.

The parents want to know if this school is above the law and above the procedures laid down by the health authorities in the country which have prevented students from attending schools and universities to prevent them from getting infected.

The parents explained to Al- Seyassah daily that writing exams in light of the ongoing Corona pandemic will inevitably lead to the infection of many children, especially since most students will come in contact with their colleagues, drivers and servants outside the school, especially since most of the students accompany drivers and servants while going to and returning from school.

They indicated taking the tests will lead to crowding outside and inside the school and this may have harmful consequences for children and their families, as the infection of the child with “Corona” will inevitably lead to the infection of huge numbers of students and parents. They said it is high time the Special Education Department of the Ministry of Education step in and take corrective measures.

By Najeh Bilal Al-Seyassah Staff

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