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Hiring maid of same nationality as of sponsor

My wife and myself are working here in Kuwait as nurses with a salary of more than KD 1,000 each. There is a kadama here working under a Kuwaiti sponsorship and will finish her contract by October. Her employer is amenable of giving her release papers once she finished her contract.

In that case, can we have the Filipino kadama to be registered under our name? We are also Filipinos. How do we go about the process on the transfer, etc? What are the fees that we have to pay? In addition my wife is pregnant, that is why we will be needing kadama by November.

Name withheld

Answer: Unfortunately, under the laws of Kuwait foreigners with the exception of some Arabs cannot hire the services of domestic workers except with the expressed approval of the Ministry of Interior. And even such approvals are made with the proviso that one can only hire a maid of a different nationality and not of the same nationality as the sponsor.

With this explanation, we are sorry to say that you will not be permitted to hire the services of the Filipina maid since you are all of the same nationality.

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