Monday , September 24 2018

Hired locally terminated within a 1 year – Can I transfer residency?

I have a question about residency transfer. I am new here in Kuwait in a private company and because of reorganization, they terminated my service with a three months notice and told me to find job and they will give transfer. Is it possible even I did not reach 1 year on my company now? Hoping for your response.

Answer: If the company hired you locally and no-longer require your services, you will have no problem in transferring your visa.

On the other hand if the company brought you to Kuwait from your home country, you and the company will have a task in convincing the concerned authorities that you are not engaged in visa trading and hence the need to transfer your visa to another company since the former has no work for you.

Indeed a company does not wake up one day and decides it wants to engage in reorganization exercise. It therefore sounds strange to see a company engaged in reorganization to employ and dismiss workers within the period of reorganization. What we are saying here may be speculative but at least it will waken you up to the fact you may have some tough questions to answer in your bid for visa transfer.

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