Tuesday , December 19 2017

‘Hike in prices harming poor’

KUWAIT CITY, April 16: A number of preachers criticized the government’s proposal to increase the prices of commodities, and requested the concerned governmental authorities to refrain from harming poor people with limited incomes, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Head of the Higher Consulting Committee for Islamic Sharia Implementation Dr Khalid Al-Mazkour said he supports the enthusiasm for refreshing the economic situation of the country and pushing the wheel of development forward. However, the concerned offi cials should consider the situations of poor people and those with limited income so that their lives are not affected. He stressed that it is not right to harm these people for the sake of improving the economic situation of the country.

Dr Al-Mazkour said the law of taxes must be applied on those who meet the conditions of the law so that they can contribute in improving the country’s economy, adding that the rich and high-income earners as well as companies should pay alms and taxes to the country.

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