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Sunday , January 26 2020

Heavy duty driving license to light license

Thank you for all the great legal advices and guidance you are providing for the expats in Kuwait. I received my heavy-duty driving license in 2006 and which expire in 2017. My job title was driver. Now I have changed my job and joined United Nations (Article 17) as security officer. Now as my license is expired and cannot be renewed as it needs company approval and lot of other formalities.

My question is, Is it possible to cancel my heavy license and get light license. My salary is KD 920 and my job title is security officer and I have university degree.

Name withheld

Answer: We do not think you will face any problems in cancelling your heavy-duty licence and applying for a light-duty licence as you meet all the conditions to apply for a licence. Indeed with your change in profession from ‘driver’ to ‘security officer’ you would have automatically lost the use of your old licence. You can therefore go ahead to apply for a new driving licence but have at the back of your mind that the Traffic Department will be the sole, determinant as to whether your application is approved or not.

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