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Health Insurance for visit visa holders in focus

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 9: Chairman of the Human Resources Development Committee in the Parliament MP Khaleel Al-Saleh has submitted a request to expedite deliberation on the Health Affairs Committee’s report about the health insurance policy for foreigners who visit the country in order to table the bill for discussion in Tuesday’s session.

Al-Saleh said he presented the proposal in the last legislative term, hoping it will be approved this term. He proposed a new health insurance policy for every foreigner entering the country to reduce pressure on hospitals and to stop the squandering of prescribed medicines.

He added the bill has become a popular demand, especially since it is in line with the government’s rationalization policy. He pointed out similar laws are currently implemented in neighboring countries, noting that the implementation of a system for providing healthcare services requires comprehensive research and preparation by experts considering the financial situation of the country and the need to coordinate with the private sector.

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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