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Sunday , October 17 2021

Hashish importer released

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 4: The Criminal Court presided over by Judge Hamad Al-Mulla adjourned to March 11 the case filed against an individual who is accused of imported one and a half kilograms of hashish from Britain, and ordered the release of the defendant.

According to the case file, the customs investigator testified that the accused had arrived to receive his consignment from Britain, and upon inspecting it, he found a substance resembling dried grass, which the accused claimed was Chinese grass.

However, lab tests revealed that the substance was hashish, which the accused attempted to smuggle into the country illegally. Upon hearing these allegations, he fled from the location through the window of the toilet.
Representing the defendant was Lawyer Bashar Al-Nasser who insisted that the allegations are fabricated and malicious. He explained that his client had visited customs department twice before that day to clear his cargo of furniture from Britain.

When he realized he had the wrong shipment, he reported it to the customs and recorded a statement. His client had previously cleared such cargo more than once. The last time his client left Kuwait was in July, which was about two months before the incident, making it unreasonable to assume that he managed to send the cargo from Britain with names which are almost identical.

79+2 absolved: The Court of Cassation upheld the verdicts issued by the Court of Appeals and t h e Misdemeanor Court to acquit two f e m a l e employees of the General T r a f f i c Department and 79 male and female expatriates who were accused of falsification of driving licenses in return for money. The Public Prosecution had accused the first and second suspects – employees of Ministry of Interior’s Citizen Service Center – of collecting bribes from the third, fourth and fifth suspects and an unknown person to facilitate the issuance of driving licenses for sixth to 81st suspects. The employees were accused of misusing their positions to issue the licenses without following the official protocol of undergoing medical tests and driving test. The employees were also accused of falsifying official documents and Ministry of Interior’s database. The first suspect was also accused of embezzling KD 45 worth documents and stamps for license renewal. The third, fourth and fifth suspects allegedly influenced the payment of bribe to the first and second suspects.

Citizen acquitted: The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a citizen of liquidating the loans of bankrupt citizens in return for commission. He was also exonerated of performing banking operations with the label of a Kuwaiti bank without the relevant license. The bank filed lawsuit against a social media (Instagram) account holder when he put his telephone number to offer services in paying loans in cash to make it possible for clients to obtain new loans in return for a commission. The citizen who ran the account was identified and summoned to court.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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