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Haribon Slazers wreck Asian Air Safari with no harsh effect

Cozmo Lane Specialists outsmart Ebonite in 3-game series

KUWAIT CITY, June 21: Lack of enthusiasm, lost of confidence and players’ truancy were the reasons why the lower six teams did not thrive for eminence in the penultimate round of the on-going PBAK-2018 Friendship Cup Team Tournament held at Cozmo Entertainement Khaifan Branch Bowling Center.

As predicted last week, joining the ‘magic 6’ for the teams outside the inner circle was inconceivable due to shoddy performance and just gladden settling their teams for Group 2 championship. Teams that posted victory were Al Qwassem All Stars, “X” Strikers, Detonators, Pin Pals, Cozmo Lane Specialists and Haribon Slazers.

Win or lose for the teams inside the ‘magic 6’ were irrelevant to reconsider due to point difference of eighty three marks from the seventh rank. No intimidation and less worrisome with-in their ranks therefore no more surprises and intense match up until the final day of elimination.

The collision between the two rated teams Haribon Slazers and Asian Air Safari both ‘handicap’ the result was 2,992-2,666 in favor of the Slazers with 8-2 records while Asiana had 6-4. Haribon Slazers top scorer was Eddie Pena (581) supported by Rene Marzan (534), Camilo Baker (526) and Moises Amahan (471) while Asian Air Safar’si big pointer was Sonia Mathews (531) assisted by Rudy de Lima (469), Aqeel Al Farisy (442) and Sandy Panopio (438). Al Qwassem All Stars registered its 7-3 record, murdered Pongky Strikers 2,894-2,250 who showed up with just two bowlers.

Team Captain Fadel Al Qassem (600) was the high pointer supported by seasoned Mousa Abdullah (502), Hassan Al Qassem (493), Hanadi Mezaiel (468) snf Naji Al Houli (440) while the two bowlers of Pongky Strikers were Adolfo Prena (399) and Cathy Fernandes (365).

Cozmo Lane Specialists outsmarted Ebonite (2,943-2,866) in their 3-game series where Cozmo won the first game with 1,041-866 but the second and third games were captured by the Ebonites 1,008-955, 992- 922.

After the summation of total points, the win points was awarded to Cozmo team. Ronnel Valencia delivered 547 points, followed by Ruben Cervantes (493), Alex Cervnates (491), Lito Michael (494), Bader Malalah (332) and Noe Mahayag (163) while Ebonites top scorer was Yakoub Al Shatti (555), Ali Jawli (541), Ayad Al Amiri (518), Ali Al Qattan (477), Ali Al Qassem (364) and Mohammad Karam (149).

Another lousy game was between Nusantara and “X” Strikers with the score of 2348-2955. Joe Presenta (492) was the top pointer with Abel Nitikusumo (484), Bima Nitikusumo (415). Cris Carungay (310), Reygan Percy (296) and Benyamin Hasan (275) while Nusantara’s three bowlers were Ahmad Fahmi, Gantosori Tanjung and Erlisa who surrendered on the third game.

Finally, Detonators extended their winning streak with 9-1 record after they shoot down the Swooping Eagles with their ‘imaginary sling bomb’ 3,128-2,673. Detonators Sulaiman Shaeiby (620) was the top pointer assisted by Mohammad Abdullah (573), Hussein Salman (552), Abdullah Dashti (526) and Mohammad Salem (459) while Swooping Eagles were Alonzo Bush (523), Jessica Balagat (459), Riz Roque (444), Mona Corpuz (343), Darrell Sullivan (243) and May Sullivan (80). Pin Pals recorded their third win against the weakest team the Angelfire who showed up with two courageous bowlers. Pin Pals keglers were Raj Reddy (425), Agnello Fernandes (407), Allan Fernandes (308), John Fernandes (300), Diego Camilo (221), Ignastius Fernandes (216) and Neeta Fernandes (121). Angelfire bowlers were Melvin (412) and Jocelyn Barros (387)

Results of the Special Features of the Tournament:

For the Individual High Game: Men Class A — Mohamad Abdullah of Detonators (275); Men Class B — Detonators’ Ali Ashkanani (259); Men Class C – Cozmo’s Ruben Cervantes (236) and for Ladies A — Asian Air Safari’s Sonia Mathews (215) and Ladies B – Nusantara’s Erlisa Gantosori (198).

For Individual High Average: Men Class A — Ibrahim Al Jadi (204.7); Class MB – Ali Ashkanani (206.5); Class MC – Ruben Cervantes (163.1) and for Ladies A – Sonia Mathews (177.5) and Ladies B – Erlisa Gantosori (144.7).

Tenth Week’s Results: 1. The Detonators (29,769); 2. Ebonite (29,461); 3. Haribon Slazers (29,279); 4. Al Qwassem All Stars (28,818); 5. Asian Air Safari (28,799.5); 6. Cozmo Bowling Team (28,626), 7.  “X” Strikers (27,792); 8. Pin Pals (26,513.5); 9. NUSANTARA (26,351); 10. Swooping Eagles (26311); 11. Pongky Strikers (24,918) and 12. Angelfire (23,150).

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