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Gulfsat and Bahrain ministry renew cooperation deal – Kuwaiti firm key player in media broadcast services

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Gulfsat CEO Mohammed Al Haj and Bahrain’s Abdullah Al Bloushi

KUWAIT CITY, March 13: Gulfsat Communications Co (Gulfsat), a leading provider of satellite communication services, TV broadcast and Contribution, announced the renewal of the cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Information Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain, confirming the already continued collaboration between both sides started in 2012. Under this agreement, Gulfsat is obliged to provide TV broadcast and satellite Contribution to the official channels of Bahrain TV affiliate network over course of 7/8 degrees orbital.

A remarkable step reaffirming the strategic relationship that links Gulfsat to Bahrain Ministry of Information Affairs and opening broader prospects of expansion and development in the future, especially with the interference free services offered by Gulfsat being a major player of broadcasting across the Arab region and North Africa.

The relationship between the two parties has been further strengthened by the Ministry’s delegation visit to Gulfsat head office in Kuwait. The Bahraini delegation presented by Abdullah Al Bloushi, General Director of Technical and Technology Affairs, Abdulaziz Al Ashraf, Human Resources & Finance Director and Abdullah BuHaji, PR & Marketing Director.

HE Sheikh Khalifa Bin Hamad Al Khalifa/ Bahraini Ambassador to Kuwait lit the gathering with his historical and traditional talk that added a relaxing atmosphere to the event accompanied by leading officials of KIPCO, United Networks Co (Gulfsat parent Company), a delegation of Kuwait Ministry of Information, key officials of private TV channels in Kuwait and representatives of Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

The perfect technical partner In a brief statement, General Director of Technical and Technology Affairs of the Ministry of information Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Abdullah Ahmed Al Bloushi said: “On this occasion, l would like to express my greatest pleasure to renew our confidence and cooperation agreement with Gulfsat to includes TV broadcast and Satellite Contribution, taking advantage of Gulfsat owned Uplink Stations in countries worldwide, ensuring high quality and secure service standards, and reaffirming our strong and solid business relationship existing since 2012”. “At that time, the Ministry of Information Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain has been looking for a technical partner in broadcasting capable of providing safe and secured services, fortified against interference and signal piracy.

Gulfsat do represent a technical perfect partner compared to other TV satellite broadcast service providers”, he added. “Accordingly, Gulfsat has started to provide a wide range of related services to the Ministry, in light of which, the Ministry’s affiliated channels network have witnessed significant development including two channels conversion from digital broadcast standard definition to high quality definition (HD)”, Al Bloushi elaborated.

To conclude, Al Bloushi pointed out: “ In addition to the highest quality of technical and safe services offered, Gulfsat is also considered a major player in TV broadcast field, taking into account the broad viewers base benefiting from Gulfsat broadcast service over 7/8 degrees orbital, which ensured a wider viewership in the Arab World. A significant feature which represented a decisive factor in strengthening further cooperation with Gulfsat”.

Strategic partnership On his part, Mohammed Al Haj, Gulfsat Chairman & CEO, said: “ We feel very much pleased to welcome the delegation of the Ministry of information Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain headed by Abdullah Ahmed Al Bloushi, General Director of Technology & Technical Affairs, and reconfirm our continued collaboration and extend our cooperation agreement previously signed between both sides in 2012”, and added: “we are also pleased to report that great prospects of expansion and growth between both institutions do exist, especially in light of the rapid technological and technical development in TV broadcast services worldwide, and the pursuit of Gulfsat to keep up with these services and have them within the reach of the official bodies and private TV channels”. “The significant participation of the Bahraini delegation represents their clear and solid confirmation of confidence and trust in Gulfsat service.

Gulfsat shows great interest in cooperating with all specialized authorities, particularly the Ministry of information Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We are very much keen on enhancing and turn our bilateral relation into a solid strategic relationship”, Al Haj confirmed. In conclusion, Al Haj praised the tremendous technological and human resources development noticed at the TV channels in the Kingdom of Bahrain, appreciating their pursuit to provide their content according to the best technical standards of quality and human, stressing that Gulfsat will always supportive to the efforts exerted by the Ministry’s officials.

Keep abreast of latest technology On the other hand, Abdullah Ahmed Al Bloushi praised the strategy of Gulfsat and their keenness to keep up with the field’s latest developments worldwide, and their endeavors to provide the same to the customers, including the Bahrain Ministry of Information Affairs, adding that this strategy’s general outlines have been clearly expressed though the comprehensive presentation of Gulfsat Chief Executive Officer, where he has explained the basic elements of the company’s general directions, saying at the same time, that this presentation has opened wide doors and prospects of future opportunities for cooperation between both sides, expected to have clear features in the upcoming phase.

Further to the discussed issues with the Bahraini delegation, Al Haj reiterated that Gulfsat is focused on introducing the latest available technology in Satellite communications, TV broadcast and Contribution worldwide, taking into consideration that such services will go in parallel to the efforts aiming to ensure a secured and interference-free broadcast service away from the threat of piracy, guarantee and maintain the intellectual property rights as well. At the same time, Al Haj presented several models of Gulfsat advanced service packages, including the Satellite TV Cloud service (Cloud Bro) that is directed, in particular, to media cities and TV channels.

Thanks to this service, these institutions will no longer be in need to maintain a huge investment in their infrastructure to be able to stream media content to the public. Al Bloushi highlighted Gulfsat major developments targeted at upgrading the company’s infrastructure and applied technology that ensure broadcasting across countries all over the world and using fiber-optics communication.

To wind up, Mohammed Al Haj, Chairman & CEO – Gulfsat, has emphasized on the company’s great interest in expanding their methods of TV and media content streaming, where no longer be restricted to TV broadcast, but to include expansion over social media, smart phones and tablets in a way that further broadens the viewers segment.