‘Growing number of jobless people social, security risk’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 21: The Parliamentary Committee for Subsidies warns of social and security repercussions arising from the growing number of unemployed people in the country, which currently stands at 17,498 expatriates and 11,670 citizens as per the most recent statistics, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Based on the statement of Ministry of Finance, the committee noted 2,138,163 expatriates are currently employed in both public and private sectors, while the number of Kuwaiti employees in the two sectors is 435,904; indicating employment rate among expatriates is 83 percent and that of citizens is 17 percent.

The committee also said Kuwaitis who are below 20 years old constitute 46.3 percent of citizens; thus, the job market will be witness to a growing number of graduate citizens in the coming years. Meanwhile, recent statistics of Civil Service Commission (CSC) showed that 71 percent of civil employees constituting 331,056 people are distributed across five sectors, citing education sector that employs 78,733 people (23 percent), administration sector having 50,356 employees (15 percent), medical services with 47,453 employees (14 percent), engineering sector employing 40,336 people (12 percent) and economy sector with 22,713 people (7 percent).

Statistics indicated the number of Kuwaiti employees in public sector is currently 247,665 representing 74.9 percent of the total workforce, while the number of expatriates in the same sector is 83.391 percent representing 25.1 percent of the figure.

It also showed Arab employees in public sector add up to 49,856 representing 15 percent of the overall employees of public sector. It also showed that 95 percent of expatriate employees in public sector are Egyptians appointed in education and training fields, while 29,741 foreigners appointed in medical services represent 9 percent of expatriates working in public sector, and Gulf citizens making up 3,794 of employees (1.1 percent) are in education and medical services respectively.

Also, 52,033 citizens are employed in education and training sector, while 48,490 are in administration field, 36,948 in engineering, and 14,931 in medical services

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