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Greed destroyed our lives: wife – Kuwaiti caught bribing police

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 18: The murder of the Saudi mother and her Kuwaiti daughter, in Egypt by AbdulTawab has become the talk of the town in judicial circles especially after the murdered Kuwaiti woman showed generosity and sympathized with him, reports Al-Rai daily. The victim’s wife and her three brothers who are held at the Samalot Police Station in the Minya Province, north of Upper Egypt, dream of life behind bars full of fear and terror and remorse.

Speaking to the Al-Rai daily the wife of the main suspect, Hana curses her husband for ruining her house and the house of her brothers. The Al-Rai daily says screaming and hysterical cries resonate with the walls of the Cell No. 2 from time to time inside where the five people — the main accused, his wife and her three brothers, AbdulTawab, Hana, Sayed, Ali and Muhammad — are being held.

As the main accused continues to cry over his fate throughout the day, others continue in their bickering and verbal altercations who accuse AbdulTawab of destroying their families and their homes.

The daily said, the five defendants have become a source of noise inside the pre-trial detention rooms throughout the day since they all ‘took part’ in the crime committed by AbdulTawab.

Hana told the daily her husband has destroyed her future and her family and the future of her brothers. She added: “We were living a nice life of contentment, but greed of my husband destroyed everything because he was always looking for making money in any manner.” She continued saying, AbdulTawab destroyed our lives and the lives of my sisters in a moment.”

She added: The Kuwaiti woman was a nice person and was sympathetic towards the family, but when she learned about the ‘murder’ of her mother, she tried to stab AbdulTawab. She said: “I do not know my fate and the fate of my brothers. I see only darkness covering the fate and the future of the four families.”

Meanwhile, the Egyptian authorities have arrested a Kuwaiti for attempting to bribe a police officer on the Al-Haram Street in Giza, Egypt, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, this happened when he attempted to bribe a police officer not to write a citation against him after the officer discovered the man was carrying a knife.

The daily added, during routine inspection, the officer asked the man to produce his driving licence and car registration book and at this moment the knife fell off and the officer then ordered a search of his car. The Kuwaiti reportedly offered 5,000 Egyptian pounds to the officer not to write a citation against him.

The officer refused and took him to the area police station, according to a statement given by the officer in his report. According to the security source the Kuwaiti has a history of crimes committed in Egypt. He is reportedly wanted in Case No. 2091 of 2012 for a misdemeanor committed in the suburb of Warraq, in case No. 7275 of 2011 for battery and assault, in case No. 1928 for stealing electric power, in 2009 for breaking into homes and stealing valuables and had been sentenced to one year in prison in case No. 4569 by the Khalifa Police Station in Cairo. The Director of Prosecution Consultant Hazem Momtaz has remanded the suspect, whose identity has not been disclosed, to four days police custody on charges of attempting to bribe a government officer.

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