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Wednesday , August 21 2019

Govt. Project Visa after completion go back to your country.

I wish to inquire about my status here in Kuwait. I’ve been working with my company for four years under government project visa 18. I wish to transfer to another company, however my current company refused to release me and said I need to go back to Philippines since they hired me from there. I hope you can help me on this because I am really confused for there are a lot of advices my friends gave me, and now I don’t really know what can I do to resolve my issue.

Name withheld
: Under current rules if you are hired from your country under a government project visa, you are supposed to go back to your country after the completion of the project.

If, however, the sponsoring company wishes it can transfer your visa to the same company but on a different government project or to a different company on a government project visa. The company can also decide to transfer your visa to its general file. The rules governing government project visa show that the sponsor at every point in time is the final arbiter and can decide whether he/ she wants to do with you on the issue of visa transfer.

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