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Thursday , April 25 2019

Govt project… release

I’m a Filipino hired from abroad and have a university degree in business management. I have been working in a private sector company for exactly 3 years now (since 2012, April) on a salary of KD 250. I was able to sponsor my daughters and put them in school in December 2014.

On my work permit (Isni Amal) it says that my visa (Article 18) is for a government contract but prior to that, for my first 3 months I was on a commercial visa… before the company transferred me to this kind of isni amal (as is written on top of my isni amal – “transfer”).

My question: with my work permit / Isni Amal, can I transfer to another private company without leaving Kuwait. If so, what is the necessary procedure, papers or clearance needed aside for getting a release from my employer. If not, should I resign and leave Kuwait to be able to transfer to a new company. If so what would be the effect on my daughters who are on my sponsorship. Hope I can get some clear advice from you.

Name withheld
Answer: Unfortunately, the government is very strict on transferring expatriates on government projects to the private sector. In this case you will not be able to transfer locally. You will have to cancel your current residence, get a new work permit, leave the country and return on the new document.

According to the law, the residence of your dependents is also cancelled along with your’s but there are ways out of this situation. You can request the Immigration Department not to cancel their residence for a certain duration, until you return, but this period has to be very short. You could also request the Immigration Department to transfer your daughters’ residence to the sponsorship of your wife for a short duration.

Please remember that the Immigration Department takes a very lenient view in such situations, especially if the children are school going. For school-going children the Immigration Department normally sanctions their stay until the end of the school year.

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