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Govt project, parliament proposal underway to fight fake, abusive social media accounts

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 26: A governmental project and a parliamentary proposal are currently being prepared to reduce the role of media in feeding chaos, reports Al-Rai daily.

Both the project and the proposal are moving in two parallel lines that may meet at the point of limiting the abusive role of social media especially fake accounts that create chaos and undermine social security.

While MPs revealed about a proposal for a law to be presented in the next session to address fake and abusive accounts, parliamentary sources indicated about a governmental move led by more than one minister to conduct a survey of the viewpoints of MPs regarding the government legislation to address accounts that have caused rumors and contributed to chaos. MP Khalil Abul said a proposal is currently being prepared to pass a law that will reduce the number of fake accounts that play a negative role on the society. He said, “If the government has a new bill whose idea crystallized from recent events, it should be presented.

There is no harm if there is a proposal and a project in this regard, because we are seeking to put an end to such phenomena that have recently become widespread, and play a role in spreading rumors and destabilizing social security”.

MP Abul went on to say, “We support any news account that are official and obtains news from the right sources. If there is a complaint, the right course will be followed in dealing with it as long as the account is public”. He stressed that the proposed ban will be on fake and abusive accounts which play a strong role in undermining security and stability of the society, adding, “We need a binding law that will bring an end to fake accounts, but at the same time will not affect the work of official accounts that carry out their work professionally”.

Meanwhile, MP Ahmed Fadhl told the daily that Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) should play a major role in dealing with fake accounts such that every fake account that circulates public news and has followers should be withheld, adding, “Etisalat should put an end to such accounts because they are beginning to undermine public security”.

In the same context, MP Safaa Al-Hashem called on the telecommunications commission to activate its role and legally deal with the owners of fake accounts, stressing that the role of the commission is very important in reducing the prevalence of these accounts, some of which play a suspicious role in extortion, incite chaos and spread rumors. She said, “The communications authority should confront those who threaten social security, and purify social media from people who hide behind fake accounts.”

In addition, parliamentary sources affirmed that the government is intending to prepare a project for dealing with fake accounts, indicating that it is currently seeking the opinion of MPs, majority of who support the blocking of fake accounts, and asked in return not to restrict the official accounts.

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