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Govt pledges to resolve maids hiring issue; rates remain high – Companies inflating costs warned

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 30: In light of the sharp reaction trailing the recent announcement of Al-Durra Domestic Recruitment Company regarding the cost of hiring male Indian workers and their salaries, the Minister of Commerce and Industry and acting Minister of Youth Affairs Khalid Al-Roudhan disclosed that a committee was formed to investigate the cost of hiring workers and obstacles militating against the activities of the company.

Al-Roudhan said he notified the Council of Ministers about forming the committee at a recent meeting, and added members of the committee were drafted from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Interior, Public Authority for Manpower, Al-Durra Domestic Recruitment Company, and the Union of Domestic Workers Offices.

He stressed the committee will look into the cost of recruiting workers from various countries and then submit a report within one month. He stressed the committee will get to know the real cost of hiring workers from different countries, noting the Ministry of Commerce and Industry will compare prices with those issued by the company.

In case the ministry discovers that the companies are inflating prices for exaggerated profits at the expense of citizens, the ministry will exert its right of fixing the prices in line with Article 3 of law no.10/1979 amended by law number 116/2012, he said. He stressed the issue of domestic workers has been disturbing many families and affecting each home, and the government is committed to resolving the issue.

He assured the ministry will take necessary steps with regard to the prices, indicating report of the committee will give the ministry a lead on how to fix prices and resolve the problems facing Al-Durra Company.

The minister is said to have held a meeting with owners of the domestic recruitment offices and representatives of Al-Durra Company to know why the cost of hiring workers remains high. He urged them to present their concepts and documents within a few days to support high cost of hiring from outside the country. He also warned against the strategy of hoarding through agreements to raise or maintain high prices at certain seasons with specific nationalities. He hinted the penalty for hoarding will be activated against whoever is found playing pranks or reaching agreements on certain prices. In view of the recent development, Al-Durra Company has reneged on its recent announcement about fixing the salaries of male workers from India. He noted the salaries will be fixed upon agreement between the concerned company and workers.


By Fares Al-Abdan and Rabab Al-Jowhari Al-Seyassah / Arab Times Staff

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