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‘Govt constructs Sinai while neglecting Khaitan’

MP Osama Al-Shaheen

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 24: MP Osama Al-Shaheen affirmed the importance of prioritizing developmental projects of the country and revising the current policies concerning granting loans to other countries.

This came after the public voiced dismay over the latest loan granted to Egypt. The lawmaker said the Constitution stipulates the protection of public funds is the obligation of every citizen, and the granting or receiving loans from other nations cannot be carried out without the issuance of a law.

MP Al-Shaheen affirmed that the relations between the state of Kuwait and Egypt is undoubtedly rich, historic and treasured, but concerns should be highlighted and facts must be stated. He revealed that Kuwait granted Egypt one billion dollars for the development of a district within three years alone, lamenting that Kuwait built up the Sinai Peninsula, while North Khaitan area in Kuwait has remained neglected, and is still awaiting the supposed redevelopment and the housing of citizens.

The MP said, “The government has now granted another loan to Egypt while being bombarded by interpellations for its failure to maintain and develop the infrastructure of the country, hence the frustration of the Kuwaiti public which should be amplified by MPs as their representatives in the political arena”. He stressed that the government should stop using “political ties” or “sovereign directives” and other such excuses that are often given to the public.

Agencies add: Al-Shaheen said a loan of $86 million was granted for developing a tunnel in Sharm Al-Sheikh in Sinai during the visit of Prime Minister of Egypt but the roads and streets of Kuwait are in miserable conditions.

Meanwhile, MP Saleh Ashour asked His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah if the money given is a loan or a grant. He asked about the amount of interest in case the money was provided in form of a loan.

Ashour wondered how the government can think of granting loans at a time when there are talks of budget deficit in Kuwait. He enquired how the second phase of developing Sinai will be financed, indicating that it might end up being financed from the Kuwait’s public reserve fund or from the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development. Ashour insisted the government should have used this money to fill the budget deficit instead of granting loans to other countries.

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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