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Govt blamed for delay in building of mosques

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 12: The failure of Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in completing the construction of seven mosques in Farwaniya Governorate has led many concerned personalities to blame the government.

A member of the Municipal Council and Chairman of Farwaniya Governorate Committee Nayef Al-Sour indicated that the problem occurred due to negligence on the part of Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs over the completion of those mosques, indicating that the construction works on some of them have been completely suspended. He lamented that none of the ministers of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs provided reasons for failing to complete the construction of these mosques, which are the houses for worshipping Allah.

Al-Sour said he hopes the relevant officials will disclose the reasons for suspending the construction works without any regard for the large number of people that these mosques would have served. He urged lawmakers from the Fourth Constituency to submit parliamentary questions against the current minister because the ministry has not issued any official statement concerning this matter until now.

In response, Assistant Undersecretary for Mosques Affairs at Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Studies Dr Waleed Al-Shuaib assured that commitment to the mosques and their best possible maintenance is a major priority of the ministry, affirming that the ministry is in charge of taking care of the mosques and supervising its administration. He justified the situation by explaining that the delay in completing the renovation of some mosques and construction of some others is due to the pending approvals from some concerned authorities for renewal of the relevant contracts.

Dr Al-Shuaib stressed that the seven mosques over which people are complaining have not been opened for worshippers and the renovation works on them will be completed soon. He indicated that the projects for renovation of mosques for further expansion are being carried out in phases and under new contracts due to which other ministries are involved in the supervision.

By Abdul Nasser Al-Aslami Al-Seyassah Staff

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