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Government project visa transfer

First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Arab Times legal clinic wing for providing such a helpfull information.

I am a B.Com graduate (certificated attested) and came to Kuwait on a government project visa to July 2006. I never transferred any company since I came to Kuwait.

This is my first transfer. I have completed 11 years with current Govt. Project Visa and now the project file will expire on 31-Oct-2017(will not renew) and want to transfer to the same sponsor but different private company.

What are my options to transfer on to a private sector visa for same sponsor with different private company?

Example: Current sponsor Govt. Project company Name : AAAAA Partners Name 1. XXXXXXXX, only X is authorized for signature because X name is in Govt. Project Itmad tokiya(Signature Verification Card) Current sponsor Ahili or General file (private) company Name : AAAAA Partners Name 1. XXXXXXXX, Partners Name 2. YYYYYYYY both X & Y can sign because both are authorized for signature and their names are in Itmad tokiya(Signature Verification Card). Now Transferring company Name: BBBBB Partners Name 1. YYYYYYYY So can I transfer to BBBBB Company because same sponsor of YYYYY(current company) and BBBBB(transferring Company)?

Name withheld
Answer: In the scenarios given above, the best option for you is to transfer your work permit to the general file of your current sponsor. This can be done by paying a fee of KD 350. The implication of this mode of transfer is that it can ultimately land you in private sector company if the sponsor desires so. As to whether you can transfer to BBBBB company or not, this can only be sorted out if you undertake the most important part of the process which is transferring to the general file of your current sponsor.

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