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I have been working in a private company since March 2013 as an engineer. Actually I got this job through an interview in India, and my employers sent me a visa. Now I have got a new offer from another private company. So I would like to resign from here but I have not informed the company. My doubt is that whether I will get a release from company because I have completed 3 years and 8 months. What are the new Kuwait rules for getting a release? Please clarify my doubts.

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Answer: You have to apply for a release from your current employer and can’t obtain a transfer without “a release”. Now, the requirement is to work at least three years for the employer before asking a release. And if, after three years, the employer refuses to give the release you have to approach the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor, through the Labor Office in your area. The Ministry has the authority to sanction such transfers and does so in most of such cases.

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