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GCC woman beggar in suicide bid

KUWAIT CITY, July 7: A female GCC national was arrested recently for begging in houses and diwaniyas, where she asked people for money which she allegedly needs for her leg surgery, reports Al-Jarida daily. The woman was referred to the authorities for investigation after it was proven that she swindled citizens by using three dimension colors to lure them into handing money to her and she also confused the security authorities as she was found to be holding three forged citizenships.

According to a security source, the beggar claimed to be a GCC citizen and presented documents to securitymen to prove she is a national of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). When the security authorities contacted their counterparts in the UAE to obtain more information about the beggar, they discovered that she presented forged documents.

The Interior Ministry in the UAE also informed the Kuwaiti authorities that the beggar entered the UAE three times using a fake Article 17 Kuwaiti passport. During interrogation, the security authorities found out that she entered the country in 1997 using an Iranian passport. When the Iranian authorities were contacted to verify the date of issuance for her passport, they reported as well that the passport was forged, indicating the beggar is not an Iranian and there is no information about her in their database.

The security authorities then decided to release her through her Kuwaiti sponsor on the condition that she will be summoned if the need arises. A few hours after the release, the security authorities received a report about a woman who threatened to commit suicide by jumping from a building in Khaitan.

When the officers arrived at the scene, they discovered that the woman who tried to commit suicide is the beggar who was released in the morning on the same day. The woman said she will jump from the building if is not given permission to meet the interior minister. The securitymen pacified her and took her to the hospital

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