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Fully automated system eyed for commercial licences

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 10:  Assistant Undersecretary for Corporate Affairs and Licenses at Ministry of Commerce and Industry Ahmed Al-Fares says the ministry will start working on fullyautomated system of commercial licenses in February in order to facilitate the transactions of citizens, reports Al-Shahed daily.

Al-Fares affirmed that the ministry has taken several steps to facilitate the establishment of companies based on the recommendations of the World Bank, adding that the process of establishing companies will now take a few working days instead of several months like in the past. He said citizens who wish to carry out business activities can now choose the activities they want through the Kuwait Business Center, stressing the possibility of applying for the inclusion of any business that citizens wish to pursue if it is not available within the center’s systems.

Al-Fares revealed that the ministry will soon launch a campaign aimed at increasing awareness of Kuwaiti youths about the nature of business through social media and local media. He highlighted that the ministry has lifted a ban on all legitimate commercial activities, adding that citizens can carry out any commercial activity they wish, with the exception of some that have been temporarily suspended for further study by some regulators.


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