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Friday prayers ban lifted this week

KUWAIT, July 13: Kuwait will lift the four-month coronavirus ban on Friday prayers at mosques nationwide this week after taking all measures to prevent the disease’s spread.

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs decision encompasses more than 1,000 mosques across all governorates, Undersecretary Fareed Emadi said in a statement.

Necessary precautionary measures have been taken to prepare the mosques, like complete sanitization, guiding signboards and measures to ensure social distancing between worshippers.

Mosque doors will open 30 minutes before the call to prayer and close 15 minutes after with the Khutbah (sermon) and prayer not exceeding 15 minutes.

The entry and exit of worshippers will also be organized with signs on the ground organizing the location of each worshipper during prayer.
Under the decision, “Imams” (preachers) have been instructed to remind worshippers of abiding by health and safety measures, like social distancing, to wear facemasks and to stay home if they experience any symptoms.

Those currently on quarantine will be denied entry, according to the official, who went on to urge those with weakened immune systems or with chronic illnesses to stay home.

Water fountains and toilets will be shut with seats and door handles routinely sanitized, he added.

Therefore, worshippers are required to carry out their pre-prayer wash (wudu) at home.

Worshippers are also required to bring their own prayer rug and wear a facemask or will otherwise be denied entry with hand shaking or close social interactions discouraged inside the mosque.

Children under the age of 15 will also be denied entry.

Prayers conducted at the Grand Mosque will be televised on state TV, added the official, who went to warn that in the event rules are not observed mosques will be closed once again.(KUNA)

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