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Former education min says he faced tough obstacles to uproot corruption

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‘I hope that the mind and public interest prevails’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 6: The former minister of education, Ahmed Al-Mulaifi, admitted that he experienced tough times within the ministry when he tried uproot corruption, especially when he wanted to save the ministry 8 million dinars, stressing that there are senior officers within the ministry whose goal is to keep the government educational system stagnant for the benefit of private schools.

Al-Mulaifitold Al-Seyassah that he demanded that certain terminology be removed from the Islamic education curricula but to no avail. On the issue of the election of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Al- Mulaifisaid, the election was conducted in an honorable manner, but now it has become a ‘free-for-all battle’.

Of the 2020 National Assembly elections he said he is happy because the citizens had lived a bitter reality with the representatives of the 2016 Parliament which was full of conflicts and outbreak of financial scandals while the MPs failed in their duty towards exercising control over coronavirus pandemic, and all these negativity spurred the citizens to take active part in the election of 2020 members of Parliament. A clear proof of this is although there was fear of getting infected with the virus and incessant rains voters still went to the polling booths to cast their ballots.

However, after the election of members to the 2020 Parliament, people saw an unprecedented struggle for the presidency of the National Assembly. Undoubtedly, the conflict began before the elections and gain momentum after the results were announced and I say here that the 50 members of Parliament represent the nation must cooperate between them and the differences should not reach this extent.

The dispute reached unacceptable limits and the Parliament was divided among reformers and non-reformers, and this is something that “I do not support in terms of the relationship between the representatives as a whole because when you call a deputy that he is not reformist, how will you deal with him in approving laws. I hope that the mind prevails and the public interest prevails.”

He went on to say, “A member of the National Assembly is considered a statesman and he must be clear in his positions. This does not mean that he declares who will vote for him in secret elections or the MP is not permitted to disclose in whose favor he has cast the ballot.

When asked if he sees the early dissolution of the Parliaments, as there are some rumors in this regard, he said this depends on the council’s performance, how to deal with issues, how to deal with the government, and the issue of the solution is in the hands of His Highness the Amir.

If HH the Amir sees that the Parliament has deviated from cooperation and abuse of power, then the Amir may have a role in that, but we hope that the Council will continue and that reason, logic and wisdom will prevail in public interest. On women’s failure to win seats, he said, he wished there was a representation of women, especially since there were distinguished women in the previous parliaments, and “we saw many female candidates who submitted good proposals in the last elections, but I think that the practices of women in the 2016 was the reason for a major push for change, as well as the atmosphere of the elections

By Najeh Bilal Al-Seyassah Staff

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