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Food delivery boys of Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 25: There has been a recent increase in food delivery boys in Kuwait. One of the drivers was working in his country as a timber contractor and he had his own company. However, due to slump in real estate market in his country with no much construction worke forced him to look for a living in other countries and profession reports Al Qabas

A another driver although has high qualification works as a delivery boy which pays him double salary he earned in his country. Some of them were burdened by debt, travel and the search for any job was the only recourse for them to pay.

Where as some drivers wants to secure money for his children after his death, he said, knowing that his children are married, working and have children, but he also helps them with the burdens of life and heavy burden, which stems from his sense of responsibility towards them as a father.

One of the drivers also had his own business of printing books and school supplies, but he said, “The job is a savior that fulfills his needs but it is not enough for my monthly responsibilities.” On the other hand, low qualified drivers are happy with this job.

GPS drive
GPS system is provided for delivery cars to control the speed of the driver on the roads and not to encourage him to over speed and drive as per the route, and ensure that the driver doesnt misuse the vehicle and deliver the food. Hence with this advance GPS system it has become easy to track movements of the driver and speed, note that Any speeding, breaking a red signal or committing any other offense, the driver bears its fine.

In the event of an accident on the road and the driver is at fault he bears half the cost of repair and the company bears the rest of the cost, but if he is not at fault during accident the insurance takes care.

Salaries, allowances and tips
The salary of delivery driver ranges between 200 Kd and 230 KD, in addition to the provision of a telephone line and gasoline expenses at an average of 35 dinars per month. The restaurant also provides the driver with accommodation, eating, drinking, accommodation and the car or motorcycle, note that the car is on annual rent. It pays the rental costs of the company owning the restaurant. As for the tipping they get from the delivery ranging from 250 fils to dinars.

Problems and comments
Like any other profession with its disadvantages, the delivery driver is often subjected to abuse as if they were “servants,” as one described them, with no special rights or extra consideration. The public roads, especially the owners of large cars, deal with us “ridiculously” and violence, we are forced to adhere to the speed limit and walk quietly to avoid any accident.

One of the difficulties they face is the lack of clarity of the address of the house or the place where food is to be delivered, especially if it is a public place, in a garden, a commercial complex, or even a work place. If the driver delays the delivery of the application under any circumstances, whether it is congested or pressured during the holidays, holidays or events, or the restaurant itself delays the delivery of the request, the driver may be subjected to improper comment from the applicant or to speak to him sharply or nervously. In many cases, the customer does not accept the late request.

Car or Bike
Restaurant delivery drivers prefer to ride cars because they are better at protecting them from hot weather and are more comfortable with them. The shop provides the bike driver with a specially equipped box to keep the food warm until the customer arrives. Although the use of bike is faster in terms of delivery, it has many disadvantages for the driver in terms of air temperature and is more prone to accidents.

Working hours
Chauffeurs and chefs work for 8 hours, and the closing time for the chef is based on the last order, which varies from restaurant to restaurant uptill 3am

Perfect time
Delivery after 4 pm to dawn on weekdays is the best time to deliver orders, as roads are not very crowded and temperatures are low.

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