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Wednesday , October 20 2021

Follow MoH instructions to avert risk of virus infection – Avoid rush, don’t mix with ill persons

KUWAIT CITY, March 2: A number of customers and vendors at Friday Market, “Al-Haraj”, agreed that trusting God and following the procedures and instructions recommended by Ministry of Health is the best way of preventing risks of the novel coronavirus, noting these steps are appropriate in avoiding the infection, reports Al- Anba daily.

In statements to Al-Anba, they said prevention is better than cure, and that crowded places should be avoided at all cost. They also recommended the use of handkerchiefs and tissues when coughing or sneezing.

Initially, a vendor named Fahd Al-Fadli said, “God is the keeper” but went on to say we must follow all steps announced by Ministry of Health on the use disinfectants and sterilizers. He stressed that masks somewhat provide protection but not entirely, as it only protects us only from dust and sneezing. He urged everyone to adhere to measures instituted by the Ministry of Health, which is a competent authority in those matters.

For her part, Aidah Malallah said God preserves Kuwait, so we can only be affected by what God has written for us. However, prevention of the virus must be done by following all precautionary measures. “I came with my daughters to shop, thank God, things are good. Government and the state did not fail us in the framework of fighting the virus”, she added.

Another respondent identified as Ahmed stated he’s keen on going to the Friday Market to escape the boredom of daily work routine. He added, “God is capable of preventing this virus that frightens the world and protect people from it, but it’s important for us to exercise caution. Therefore, I prefer wearing mask as a kind of protection from transmitting the infection”.

For his part, a vendor of men headgear Abu Salim said, he believes that the Lord of the Worlds is our Protector. However, he keeps the maximum space from customers without having direct contact with them, as they could be infected and transmitting the infection.

Suleiman Al-Saadoun said, “Things are good and I am shopping because government agencies have dealt with the situation according to health procedures in terms of reservation and quarantine. We must follow instructions moment by moment, especially as the Ministry of Health applies all regulations and laws of the World Health Organization and therefore precautions are required.
“Also, I advise citizens and residents not to mix and contact people who are arriving from infected countries. People should consult a doctor in case of feeling ill or showing flu symptoms and high temperature.”

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