‘Financial donations triple after ministry banned cash donations’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 30: Director of Department of Charity Organizations and Donor Associations at Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Munira Al-Kandari said, “Financial donations have tripled after the ministry banned cash donations and imposed strict control and surveillance on charity organizations to ensure compliance to the relevant rules and regulations”.

In her statement, Al-Kandari indicated about some people who seek to tarnish the charitable reputation of Kuwait by spending the donations for purposes different from the ones for which the donations were collected. She stressed that the ministry closed down 56 charitable branches during the year due to non-adherence to the rules and regulations governing charity work, adding that it also referred two people to the concerned authorities for collecting donations illegally.

Al-Kandari indicated that some people sought the platform of social media to collect donations due to lack of ministry’s oversight on the social media but the ministry eventually caught up with them, recorded several violations and took legal actions against them. She affirmed that, “Collection of donations is done through K-Net or online or from the bank account. The ministry has an eye on each of these electronic systems being used to collect money”.

Al-Kandari said the claims about accredited charitable platforms not delivering donations to the deserving benefi ciaries are just allegations. She stressed that there are organizations such as Kuwait Red Crescent Society whose efforts and diligence in delivering aid to affected areas and people are not hidden.

Meanwhile, minister of Higher Education Dr Mohammad Al-Fares expressed discontent on the step taken to end the services of a female Bedoun teacher who gave birth to a Kuwaiti baby. He has since given instructions— as a matter of urgency—to stop the decision taken by the school’s administration, reports Al Anba daily.

In a statement, Al-Fares affirmed he won’t tolerate injustices against any employee of the ministry, so he gave instructions to stop decisions that affect Bedoun teachers issued without consulting him. “We have to consider the condition of the segment, especially as their appointment was approved in coordination with various authorities”, he stressed.

He reiterated the best of Bedoun teachers have been appointed, and there is need to provide them relevant support to make it possible for them to communicate their knowledge to students. He added “it is absolutely unacceptable to end the services of an employee based on childbirth and the ministry will never do such injustice to the category”.

By Fares Al-Abadan Al-Seyassah Staff

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