Wednesday , July 18 2018

Filipina married to Pakistani – Children in Pakistan, want to bring them back

I need your advise. I am Filipina, married to a Pakistani man and our children are in Pakistan. They were born here but for some reason we have decided to keep them in Pakistan. Now we want to bring them back here but I’m a bit worried as my husband’s salary written in iznamal is KD 300 only.

Another concern is that their nationality is Pakistani. In case they will be denied because of the nationality and my husband’s salary, our next option is to bring them to Philippines (they are both having Philippine passport). I am earning KD 450 monthly. Is it possible to get them from Philippines under my sponsorship?

Name withheld

Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot sponsor your children despite the fact that your monthly salary of KD 450 qualifies you to do so. Under Kuwait law it is only the man who can sponsor the children on family visa but since your husband’s salary of KD 300 a month falls below the KD 450 threshold, he will not be able to bring the children to Kuwait on family visa.

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