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Fiery Rock N Bowl lane masters strike out Pinbowls

Al Qwassem All-Star, Siete Pares 1 & 2 post convincing victories

Al-Qwassem All Star

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 9: Three weeks into the elimination round of the ongoing 2018 Season 12 FTBK Tenpin Bowling Team Tournament being held at the Cozmo Entertainment Center bowling lanes in Salmiya, the fiery Rock N Bowl lane masters struck out Pinbowls as they bowled like a house on fire en-route to an eye popping winning performance.

Staying well inside the Top 8 after decisively thumping their respective rivals in this sporting event organized by the Filipino Tenpin Bowlers Kuwait (FTBK) were the Al Qwassem All Star, Siete Pares 1, Siete Pares 2, Strikers X and D’ Islanders who remained at the helm of the team standings for the third straight week. In ninth place after two weeks despite winning their first two matches of the season, the Rock N Bowl lane masters know they have to do better if they intend to extend their winning streak to three as they went up against the equally win-hungry keglers of Pinbowls who were also looking for a third consecutive victory.

With the foursome of Rod Llait, Liza Catapia, Norie Sairat and Romy Daus manning lanes, Rock N Bowl did not give their beleaguered opponents any leeway in the entire match as they book 800-711 and 795-731 victories in the first two games of the match. Although Pinbowls managed to take the third 778-748, Rock N Bowl easily cruised to a lopsided 3,294-2,935 total pin falls win by clinching the final game of the encounter via a tenacious 926-715 score. The decisive victory that lifted Rock N Bowl to third place in leader board also earned them the weekly team high series plum. Suiting up for the Pinbowls who will have their hands full in their upcoming matches to make up for the loss were Jheng Liwayway, Mahmoud Dashti, Mohammad Karam and Yaheya Clenzi.

Meanwhile, the highly touted Al Qwassem All Star proved too hot for the K2E2 Thunders to handle in their 4-game series match bowled on lanes 5 and 6. Spearheaded by the quartet Farid Gabriel, Naji Al Houli, Fahad Ragheeb and Habib Reda, Al Qwassem rained down their rivals with strikes in the first two games of the match on the way to decisive 811-727 and 819-754 victories which gave them a 149 pin falls cushion going to the third.

And as the Thunders continue to squander and miss their marks, Al Qwassem All Stars put the result of the match beyond doubt with a 751- 679 win in game three and then went on to complete a sweep of all four games at hand through another impressive 826-759 victory in the last game that brought their final winning tally to 3,232-2,919. Bowling for K2E2 in this outing were Lee Mills, Butch Alinea, Jess Farne, Sulaiman Al Shuaibi, Karl Alinea, and Kim Alinea. Siete Pares 1 on the other hand compensated for their losing stint in week 2 by defeating defending champion NLB Corporation four games to none.

Led by Egay Cabildo, Jojit Dador, Rami Mudaf, Faie Reyel, Rita Vidana and Rico Galang, Siete Pares 1 quickly pulled away from NLB after grabbing 818-744 and 803-689 victories in the first two games of the match. Even as Siete Pares slowed in the remaining two games, NLB Corporation was not able to make any headway as they continued to bowl below par. This paved the way for Siete Pares 1 to eke out a clean sweep as they romped home with 777-718 and 799-707 victories in the last two games. Through their 3,222- 2,858 total pin falls win, Siete Pares 1 is back inside the Top 8.

After turning back the tough Cozmo Salmiya keglers in lanes 3 and 4, the Siete Pares 2 pin crushers solidified their place in the elite 8. In clinching a final winning tally of 3,204-3,102 pin falls, Siete Pares 2 banked on their superb showing in games one & two that netted 852- 700 and 855-796 victories made possible by the combined efforts of their ace gunner Ricky Palabon, Siddharth Nair, Alex Nodalo, Adnan Hussain and JR Angeles.

Although Abdullah Ali, Hassan Karam, Fadi Al Masri, Wahab Ali, Jacky Guitang and Maricar Ruben collaborated well enough to hand Cozmo Salmiya games three and four 788-715 and 818-757, Siete Pares 2 went on to win the match.

In the other remaining matches of the third week, Strikers X bannered by Vicky Navarro, Norman Conde, John Caldwell, Ronald Ferolino and Benny Chan made its way back to the Top 8 by stopping Indian Bowling League 3,142-2,899, World Class with Jane Nance, Bill Stiles, Anastasius Menezes, Bashir Bilal and Gina Ashley grounded the struggling DMDA Bowleros 3,079-2,880 and in the only other pairing of the week, the front running D’ Islanders led by Rolly David, Bobby Carambas, Edgar Pascua, Danny Doctor, Vernie Villaruel and Aga Cuadrazal kept the top spot for the third straight week after subduing another strong contender Lane Surferzz 3,122- 2,945.

For the Individual and Team High scores the current record holders are as follows: Individual High Game Men Class O/A-Jun Guerra 257, Men Class B-Anastasius Menezes 257, Ladies- Janet Shaikh 246; High Average Men Class O/A-Mousa Abdullah 205, Men Class B-Ricky Palabon 186, Ladies-Janet Shaikh 223; Team High Game-Al Qwassem All Star 802 and Team High Series- D’ Islanders 3,234. The team standings after the third week are as follows (read as rank, team name and total score); 1. D’ Islanders-9,669; 2. Al Qwassem All Star-9,427; 3. Rock N Bowl- 9,427; 4. Siete Pares 2-9,410; 5. Pinbowls-9,399; 6. Lane Surferzz- 9,389; 7. Siete Pares 1-9,360; 8. Strikers X-9,214; 9. NLB Corporation- 9,117; 10. World Class-9,110; 11. Indian Bowling League-9,106; 12. Cozmo Salmiya-9,036; 13. K2E2 Thunders-8,934; 14. DMDA Bowleros-8,736.

By Miguel Carlos Special to the Arab Times

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