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‘Fiber-optic’ eyed in all regions

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KUWAIT CITY, May 18: The Ministry of Communications announced that it has almost completed the preparation and planning for the extension, installation and connection of the fiber-optic network in all regions of the country, as part of its plans to expand the current network.

An official in the ministry told Al-Qabas daily that the Communications Ministry has addressed the Kuwait Municipality regarding the third phase of the fiber-optic network project, and requested the allocation of land in the border areas, around the Mubarak Port and agricultural areas, such as Subbiya, Nuwaiseeb, Salmi, Abdali, Wafra and Kabd, which do not have telephone exchanges. He pointed out that the ministry has called on the concerned parties to take into consideration all aspects of the project for the purpose of the network for approval by the utilities committee in the municipality, to allocate sites in preparation for adding them to the tender documents of the project.

He stated that the area of the sites that ministry wants to allocate is 2,000 square meters in Salmi, Nuwaiseeb and Subiya, and that the third phase will include the rest of the country and will reach 90 areas that will cover about 100,000 plots. He pointed out that the third phase includes converting traditional copper network systems into advanced optical fibers, especially after the completion of the first phase, which included 28 regions, and the second phase about 34 regions.