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Wednesday , November 20 2019

‘Fair weather during day, relatively cold at night’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 16, (KUNA): Fair weather continues in Kuwait during daytime and turn relatively cold during the night in the coming days, Kuwaiti meteorologist Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi said on Thursday. He added in remarks to KUNA today that the country is affected by high altitude air accompanied with northeast winds, making the weather warm during day time and relatively cold during the night. Weather on Thursday was relatively cold, as the lowest temperature varied between 10-13 degrees Celsius, with northwestern moderate to fast winds with speed of 06- 26 kilometers per hour.

At the sea, there were mild to moderate waves between one to three feet, he said. Friday morning is expected to be mostly sunny with highest temperature between 27-30 degrees, with light to moderate northwesterly winds (06- 28 km/h). Scattered clouds will dot the skies, he added.

By Friday night, it will be cool with lowest expected heat will vary between 9-12 degrees with light to moderate northwesterly winds (08-18 km/h), along with cloudy skies. By Saturday, it will be mostly sunny with highest temperatures expected between 27-30 degrees, with southeastern fl uctuating winds. Meanwhile, the weather by Saturday evening turns to be cloudy with lowest expected temperature between 9-12 degrees with southeastern winds beween 06-28 km/h.

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