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Wednesday , September 28 2022

Factory visas are still not transferable to any other area except factories

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I have been working at a private company for the last 4.25 years. Now I have got a new offer from another company. I need to know if there will be any issues in transferring my sponsorship since there is a restriction while I have heard transferring is possible from factory to factory.

In this case how can I get to know my visa is factory visa or not? I am under the article #18 visa type. Also, actually my current company is a manufacturing facility but in the name of the company “factory” is not mentioned.

Please let me know how can I find out from either the Civil ID or work permit if my visa is a factory visa or not? Is it possible to pay KD 300 for such a type of transfer? Kindly I need your great help on this as soon as possible since I need to sign the new contract.

Name withheld
Answer: First of all, factory visas are still not transferable to any other area except factories. Secondly, it doesn’t matter if the word “factory” is mentioned in its name or not. There are hundreds of factories in Kuwait which do not have the word factory mentioned in their names.

Secondly, to check what sort of Article 18 visas, your mandoub (company representative) needs to check with the Public Manpower Authority / Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. It can easily be done online by your mandoub.

And lastly, the news about transfer of factory visas has turned out to be false after a denial of the same by a senior official of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

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