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Factory visa Engineer unable to transfer

My nationality is Indian. I arrived in Kuwait in October 2016 with a factory visa. I joined another company for work as a civil engineer, I have civil engineer degree, but my factory visa is not transferable as my new company checked and told me. My new company is ready to give me new engineer visa but recently the iqama process for engineers has been associated with the accreditation of Kuwait Engineers Society (KES) of every engineer’s university.

My university is not accredited by the Kuwait Engineers Society (KES). I would like to ask about the process for new engineer visa.

Also, I don’t know if I tried to make the engineer visa, will it be approved or not? Do I come with another designation visa (office staff) and I transfer my designation from office staff to engineer after entering Kuwait? My iqama is expiring soon and I am waiting for your answer.

Name withheld

Answer: Yes, it is true, you cannot transfer your visa to a new company outside the factory category. As you indicated, the new company can apply for another visa for you after cancelling your current visa and exiting the country. You don’t need to know the processes of applying for an engineering visa since that is the job your company representative (mandoub) is employed to do.

In so far as you are determined to work as an engineer there is nothing you can do to circumvent the requirement that you must get a no-objection certificate from the Kuwait Engineers Society to process or renew your residence. So the ball is in your court. You have to make the decision that best suits you but to be frank with you the odds are not in your favour.

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