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Friday , December 6 2019

Extension of visit visa

I applied for Visit Visa for my parents and I got it for one month. Can I extend the visa for another 1 month after their entry? My male colleague took visa for parents and extended it for another one month which was last month. Couple of days back my another female colleague who brought her mom was not allowed for 1-month visa extension and instead told to exit the country and when reapplied she got 3-month visa. Is the rule changed recently or is it different for parents of male applicant and a female applicant?

Name withheld

Answer: The rules guiding the issue of visit visas are explicit on their duration — three months for wife, husband and children. For other members of the wider family, it is one month. The only reason we can hazard for your male colleague having the visa for his parents extended by one month could be as a result of ‘wasta’ or some other reason we are not aware of

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