Monday , January 21 2019

Expats split on celebrations marking Feb 25, 26 holidays – Many families prefer to stay at home

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 17: In this week’s Arab Times online poll, readers shared their views on the usage of water guns during the National and Liberation day celebrations in Kuwait with the majority of respondents taking a negative stance on the practice.

18 percent of voters felt that using water guns was wrong as it wastage of water but 3 percent of voters pointed out that more water is wasted for household & car cleaning. “As a society of excess, we don’t really concern ourselves with issues of waste. We are wasting our resources across the board, not just water. The government’s subsidy schemes have kept the price of water low so we no longer value it. We don’t really care about overconsumption, we take everything for granted”, a reader pointed out.

On the other hand, another reader shared, “There are people who will complain about wasting water in Kuwait but will be happy to go waste tomatoes at La Tomatina in Spain and chalk it up as a life experience. Water Festivals are common in Southeast Asian countries and is regarded as a demonstration of good wishes.”

20 percent felt that hooliganism was on rise during patriotic days and 36 percent of respondents felt that expats and young girls are mostly targeted. “A lot of youngsters will take advantage of the celebrations to do some mischief. I feel like expats and taxi drivers are especially targeted”, one respondent shared.

“Although it is a national holiday, I don’t take my family out during these days. It is not like the Eid holidays which we enjoy immensely. There are a lot of people acting rowdy on the roads and I don’t want unnecessary problems”, a voter commented.

11 percent of voters felt the practice was harmless fun since there is nothing much to do in Kuwait. “I enjoy the celebrations, it’s nice to see so many people out on the streets, waving the flag and acknowledging one another. There is a great atmosphere of nationalism and joy”, a respondent shared.

12 percent shared the view that it is better to fight with water guns then real guns. “I think we should let people have their fun. It is important now more than ever to push for a united, integrated society while there are so many waiting in the wings to trap the young with their extremist ideologies. We should try and engage in more community activities to foster better relations among us all.”

By Cinatra Fernandes Arab Times Staff

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