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Expatriate engineers may face tough time in future to obtain approval and practice professions

MoH seeks names of 65 years old expat staff

KUWAIT CITY, March 15: The Ministry of Health has instructed all sectors to submit names of expatriate doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technicians and executives born in 1953 and earlier or those 65 years old and above, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources.

Sources disclosed this is in line with the decision of Health Minister Sheikh Dr Basil Al-Sabah to apply the replacement policy by terminating the above mentioned expatriate staff.

Sources added the ministry has asked the Medical Division Council regarding the mechanism for seeking assistance of expatriate doctors who are 65 years old and above within five years maximum or until they reach 70 years old. Meanwhile, the Health Licenses Department in the Health Ministry has confirmed that 29 clinics are operating without licenses, reports Al-Nahar daily.

This is in response to the query of the Medical Professions Union about 31 private health centers which allegedly conduct plastic surgery and other operations without obtaining a license. The department looked into the records of these clinics and it discovered that 29 out of the 31 clinics are unlicensed.

The ministry promised to take legal action against the unlicensed clinics and hold accountable the negligent officials behind the anomaly.

In the meantime, engineers especially expatriates who work in the engineering sector may face a tough time in the future in obtaining approval to practice their professions due to possibility of further problems and complicated conditions.

This will particularly affect holders of engineering qualifications from universities that are not accredited by Ministry of Higher Education and not included in Kuwait Engineers Society’s list of accredited universities, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The fate of tens of people who have been working in the engineering sector, some for over 15 years, is unknown, particularly holders of various diplomas and certificates from little-known institutions.

This news, which sent shockwaves, follows a decision issued by Public Authority for Manpower last month, as per which no work permit will be issued to engineering practitioners except after they present a to-whom-itmay- concern letter issued by Kuwait Engineers Society.

Officials of Public Authority for Manpower explained that the decision is not new as it has been in effect for a long time. However, it was circulated for further scrutiny and audit of the certificates by attaching a letter issued by Kuwait Engineers Society to it. The letter from the society is a prerequisite for the approval of engineers to get work permits.

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