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Event focuses on phenomenon of domestic violence, solutions

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Institute of Judicial and Legal Studies organizes symposium

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 24: The Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies organized a symposium on Wednesday under the title ‘The Phenomenon of Domestic Violence, the Problem and Solutions’, with the participation of a number of jurists and specialists in psychological and social sciences. In her speech, the Secretary- General of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs and Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Hana Al-Hajri, stressed the need to raise the level of religious and moral awareness in society and to develop media strategies to highlight the seriousness of domestic violence. Al-Hajri explained that the causes of domestic violence are many, including socialization, family disintegration, drug abuse, and others, pointing to the need for accurate information and statistics that would identify domestic violence as a problem or a phenomenon.

For his part, the Director of the Kuwait Center for Addiction Treatment and a member of the Faculty of Medicine at Kuwait University Dr Adel Al-Zaid said in his speech that domestic violence is not limited to beating only, so it is necessary to understand the behaviors that fall under the concept of violence. Dr Al-Zaid added that beatings are unacceptable, pointing out in this regard that it is necessary to raise the level of culture in society as a whole and educate its members. For his part, Head of the Department of Psychiatry at the College of Medicine at Kuwait University Dr Suleiman Al-Khodari said that violence is a complex phenomenon and cannot be taken from one angle. There are several types of violence, including physical, verbal and other types that are related to the personality of the individual and his psychological state, explaining that most psychological disorders can lead to violence if not treated.

Al-Khodari added that the era in which societies have opened up due to electronic openness, the culture of societies is seeping into other societies, indicating that discussing any topic related to judicial studies does not mean the need for legislation or law as much as the need to develop culture and awareness in society and the concerted efforts of various state agencies. In turn, the head of the Juvenile Prosecution at the Public Prosecution at the Ministry of Justice, Nasser Al-Sumait, said, “The Domestic Violence Law was issued more than a year ago, and since that time we have faced more than 2,000 cases, of which 50 percent have been waived and 80 percent are against women, which indicates that we are facing a phenomenon primarily violence against women. Al-Sumait indicated that the community police have a major role in dealing with these cases of domestic violence, pointing out the importance of the police stations being prepared to deal with cases of violence. He pointed out that the issue of drug abuse is closely related to domestic violence issues, as 80 percent of violence cases are related to addiction. , (KUNA)

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