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Saturday , October 23 2021

EPA issues penalties to violators of Kuwait’s marine environment

Environment authority monitoring beaches, coasts

KUWAIT CITY, July 27: Environment Public Authority (EPA) on Tuesday issued a number of penalties of various environmental violations namely dumping waste and breaking rocks to catch hidden marine creatures. It said in a press release the violations were issued during field surveys by the authority teams and the Environment Police on the shores of Al-Asimah and Hawalli Governorates. Such actions violate the Environmental Protection Law.

Environment Public Authority team during inspection tours on the coasts

The authority confirmed continuous monitoring of the beaches and marine coasts through periodic inspections by its teams; in cooperation with Kuwait Environment Police. Law 100 on Environmental Protection prohibits hunting, killing, catching, collecting, harming, possessing or transporting wild and marine creatures, whether live or dead, or harming eggs, nests or habitat of the animals. EPA earlier this month announced its awareness campaign on the Kuwaiti islands to preserve the marine environment and coral reefs, especially during the summer period, in order to raise awareness among island-goers of the Environmental Protection Law and to monitor violators, (KUNA)

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