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Embassy & MoI trade blame in illegals deportation delay – Salaries issue discussed: Indian envoy

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 2: The Indian Embassy in Kuwait has held Ministry of Interior and other relevant authorities responsible for the miserable conditions of 28,000 Indian expatriates who have been detained for violating the residency law and have been suffering due to the difficult procedures that are taking about six months for completion in order to return to India.

On the other hand, security sources said the delay in the deportation procedures is due to the criminal cases, financial debts of the sponsors and non-payment of related fees. The Indian Embassy in Kuwait explained in a press statement that the number of Indian citizens who are seized and detained in the shelters is growing. Many of them are being detained for three to six months before they are deported from Kuwait.

The number of Indian expatriates who have violated the residency law in Kuwait is 28,495, as per official reports issued on February 15, 2016. It elaborated the three cases for deportation of detained expatriates. The first case is when the sponsor hands over the passport and valid residency of the expatriate. If the sponsor has filed an absconding case, the latter can leave Kuwait by getting a plane ticket of a date after three months. The validity of the residency will be dropped and about three months is needed after registering the absconding case. If the residency is not valid, the expatriate needs two to three months to leave Kuwait.

The embassy informed those who seek refuge in the embassy to take into consideration the fact that the procedures for leaving the country will take a long time and that the embassy is doing its best to facilitate the relevant procedures. It said, in case the expatriates have been referred for deportation but cannot get their passports from their sponsors, the embassy issues quick travel documents for them. It added that a representative of the embassy visits police stations and deportation centers frequently to meet the Indian detainees and check their details before issuing travel documents in case they have lost their passports due to any reason.

Meanwhile, the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait Sunil Jain said the embassy held important talks with senior officials of Ministry of Interior in order to find quick solutions concerning the problem of Indian expatriates not receiving their salaries for a long time. He revealed that the Undersecretary of Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Khaled Al-Jarallah and the Indian State Minister for External Affairs M.G. Akbar Sunday, August 1 discussed over the telephone the issues of mutual concern for the two countries especially the problems faced by Indian workers in Kuwait

By Munaif Nayef Al-Seyassah Staff

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