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Thursday , December 1 2022

Eliminate Visa Trade in Kuwait – Take example of other Gulf countries

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 26: The visa trade must be eliminated at all costs because it is a stigma on the forehead of Kuwait, it has tarnished the prestige of the nation and trafficking in humans is unacceptable among the civilized nations. If someone asks how to get rid of this ugly phenomenon, we say it is very simple. Just look around and see what the other Gulf countries have done in this regard. In these countries, if someone wishes to work, he applies for an entry visa electronically, and if he finds a job, applies for residence permit, but if the fails to find a job or the country does not need him, he returns to where he came from.

The visa trade in Kuwait forces a poor man to sell his sheep, cows, other belongings and perhaps even his house because the temptation to work in Kuwait is sky high since that is how the sponsors (visa traders) have painted the picture of Kuwait – that Kuwait is a country full of oil wells and every resident owns one. Stop trafficking in humans! . Zahed Matar, Arab Times

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