Sunday , October 22 2017

Egypt’s Al-Sharqia Governorate celebrates National Day

A scene from the Egypt’s Al-Sharqia Governorate celebration
A scene from the Egypt’s Al-Sharqia Governorate celebration

Al-Sharqia Governorate in Egypt celebrated the National Day on Sept 9, 2016. Members of the ancient royal families – Moharam, Zordoq and Ayoub – organized the celebration in Maymouna Village, the hometown of royal families.

Well-known media practitioner, Marwa Moharam, inaugurated the event during which she delivered a speech on behalf of her royal family; followed by Mrs Hanaa Zordoq who delivered the welcome speech at the house of Ahmed Ayoub – head of Ayoub family and grandson of King Al-Saleh Najm Al-Deen, the seventh Bani Ayoub Sultan in Egypt.

Al-Sharqia is the second largest Egyptian governorate in terms of population.  It is historically significant as the birthplace and place of residence of many Prophets and their companions as well as a number of leaders and presidents.

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