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Wednesday , March 20 2019

Egyptian TV series sparks wide debate

Author surprised for stir-up

KUWAIT CITY, June 3: A scene from the Egyptian TV series “Under Ground” starring Emir Karara with a group of Egyptian and Arab stars and a Turkish actress has sparked wide debate between Cairo and Kuwait, and ignited the social media platforms despite premiering the series four years ago, reports Al-Rai daily. The controversial scene showed the hero with photos of other people on a wall.

The characters were swathed by commentary indicating they work for several terrorist organizations worldwide and also finance terrorism without making any explicit reference to their names. Among the photos is image of the distinguished Kuwaiti preacher Abdurrahman Al-Sumait — an act deemed offensive to his character, as he’s known for righteousness, piety and charity.

Writer Hisham Helal, author of the series expressed surprise for the stir-up of the series after 4 years, and said the presence of preacher Abdurrahman Al-Sumait’s image is an unintended error that happened by chance, indicating the production and work team has no information about him. He emphasized the drama series did not include any Kuwaiti character, while the characters and venue were confined to Egypt, Turkey and Iraq.

Therefore Kuwait and Kuwaitis were not represented in any way. Egypt’s Supreme Media Council also told Al-Rai daily they have no idea about the issue but any complaint submitted in that regard will be investigated.

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