Egyptian man acquitted of inciting ex-Kuwaiti spouse to sin

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 5: The Misdemeanor Court acquitted an Egyptian who was accused of inciting his former Kuwaiti wife of committing adultery and insulting her in public in a manner that violated her honor. Representing the Egyptian was Lawyer Khawlah Al-Hassawi, who insisted that the prosecution failed to present any substantial evidences against her client. She also disregarded the statement made by the plaintiff’s daughter who said the man came into the house and demanded her mother to accompany him to the room, and when her mother refused, he insulted her by calling her a prostitute. In another case, the Court of Appeals gave back the custody of a female infant to her mother after the lower court cancelled the lawsuit filed by the mother through which she demanded the transfer of the custody of her daughter to her from her former husband. The father had received a court’s injunction which allowed him to see his daughter on Fridays, on the second day of Eid holidays and other public holidays. Since the mother made it difficult for him to see his daughter, he was forced to file a child custody lawsuit against his divorced wife. However, the lawyer representing the mother insisted that the child is still an infant due to which she must be placed under the custody of her mother.

Appeal successful: The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict issued by another court of appeals which overturned the ruling issued in absentia that had sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen to four-year imprisonment with hard labor and withdrawal of his driving license over allegations of possessing hashish and other drugs and for driving under narcotic infl uence. The arresting officer testified that he was patrolling when he noticed the suspect’s car without a number plate in the front. He then ordered the man to pull over in order to check his details along with that of the passengers. However, they failed to produce any identification documents. Since they were in a disoriented state, the officer conducted a search on them to find hashish and other drugs on them. He then took them into custody. Even though the suspect confessed to the possession of the drugs, the defense counsel Lawyer Hassan Al- Ajmi stressed on the invalidity of the procedures taken by the police officer in terms of stopping his client and searching and arresting him without a warrant from the Public Prosecution. He also said the testimonies against his client were contradicting each other, stressing that his client has no previous criminal record and had denied all charges.

Duo not guilty: The Criminal Court acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen and his friend who were accused of swindling almost KD 5 million through overcharged interest (usury). The Public Prosecution had accused the two of exploiting people’s need for money by imposing unjustified amount of interest. However, the defense counsel Lawyer Faisal Al-Otaibi said the allegations lacked legal basis due to the fact that the prosecution failed to present any substantial evidences to prove the charges against his clients. This prompted the court to acquit them.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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