Egyptian driver arrested as CID bust drug peddling ring – Bedouns urged to shift to areas controlled by ISIL

Lt-Gen Sulaiman Al-Fahad, Major General Abdulhameed Al-Awadhi and other senior officials look on as Customs men open up the container packed with hashish and drug pills.
Lt-Gen Sulaiman Al-Fahad, Major General Abdulhameed Al-Awadhi and other senior officials look on as Customs men open up the container packed with hashish and drug pills.

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 27: Detectives from anti-narcotics unit of the Interior Ministry attained another victory in the fight against illicit drugs by thwarting an attempt to smuggle 200kg of “hashish” and 200,000 pills of banned substance popularly known as “Captagon”.

Present at the scene to sample the find was Undersecretary of the Interior Minister Lieutenant General Suleiman Al- Fahad, Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs Major General AbdulHameed Al- Awadhi, Director General of Public Relations and Security Media Brigadier General Adel Al-Hashash, and acting Director General of Anti-narcotics Department Colonel Waleed Al-Drei’e. The Interior Ministry officials led by Lieutenant General Al-Fahad listened to details of the smuggling process as Major General Al-Awadhi explained that an Egyptian driver was responsible for transporting the contraband from an unnamed neighboring country.

Al-Awadhi said the anti-narcotics unit received a tip-off concerning a person with a criminal background who smuggles narcotics via land borders with a trailer or semitrailer. He pointed out that delivery of the contraband was the responsibility of an Egyptian driver who was tasked to exit to the neighboring country with a trailer and return to Kuwait the same day with an empty truck. He exits again with another empty truck to return with the first truck stuffed with narcotics in a professional manner.

Al-Awadhi indicated the driver indeed returned to Kuwait the same day to avoid suspicion, and a week later, left and returned with an “empty” truck. He was arrested by detectives upon reaching the place where he was supposed to take delivery of the contraband after a search was conducted inside the truck and narcotics were found. The driver admitted to be part of the drug smuggling ring and confessed that his job was to deliver illicit drugs across the borders, while others continued the final delivery to its owner.

Al-Awadhi affirmed that investigation is underway and the search for other accomplices has been initiated, which includes the ring leader. He reiterated the Minister of Interior and concerned departments will continue its tireless efforts to protect Kuwait and the public from those who try to contaminate society with narcotics.

Migration urged: The concerned department in the Ministry of Interior is conducting an extensive electronic investigation to determine the identity of an individual behind the Twitter account with user name “Abu Othman Al- Jahrawi” whom a security source said is being used to incite Bedouns to migrate to the area controlled by “ISIL”.

Regarding the Twitter account, the anonymous holder is urging Bedouns to migrate to the area controlled by ISIL where there is no discrimination and humiliation they have been suffering in Kuwait for the past four decades. He tweeted “the suffering of Bedouns will never be solved until the fall of …and we promise Bedouns will return to their homes as victors after the conquest of Arabian Peninsula by ISIS”.

The account holder also urges Bedouns working as soldiers in the Ministry of Defense to migrate, and condemned those working as soldiers for serving an authority which ISIS consider as infidels and its leaders in the GCC region, stressing the difference between them and the leaders is Islam and not worldly issues. The account praised the leader of ISIS Abu Bakar Al- Baghdadi and his speech that called upon all Muslims to migrate to their territory where believers are honored and infidels humiliated, urging Bedouns to discard news that tarnishes the image of ISIL.

By Mishal Al-Sanousi Al-Seyassah Staff

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