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Egypt sentences trio to death for killing Kuwaiti

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 30: After nearly two years of a crime that shook the Egyptian community, and after a number of judicial hearings, the Tanta Criminal Court (Fourth Circuit) sentenced three Egyptians to death and decided to transfer the papers of the case to the Mufti of Egypt to ratify their execution.

The court also set a session in next February for the final pronouncement of the ruling, reports Al-Rai daily. The three persons were accused of killing a Kuwaiti inside his home, in one of the villages of Al-Santah Center, in Gharbia Governorate, in the middle of the Delta of Egypt, and stole his belongings.

Legal sources said that this deterrent ruling is commensurate with the crime, especially since the killers admitted in detail in the investigations, agreeing to kill him, despite their knowledge of the victim.

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