Egypt academy rejects 88 Kuwaiti students – ‘Physically unfit’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 7: Egypt discharged 88 Kuwaiti student officers out of a total 123 students referred by Kuwait’s Ministry of Defense to study in the Egyptian Military Academy, reports Al-Rai daily. Knowledgeable sources disclosed that all 123 students were subjected to a series of tests to check on their fitness and aptitude, and 88 of them were declared unfit, indicating the academy accepted only 23.

The same sources revealed that Egyptian military authorities have a set of conditions for physical checkup which is different from the system applicable in Kuwait, and students are not accepted by the academy unless they fulfill the fitness standard.

Ministry of Defense reassured guardians, and the affected students who returned to Kuwait onboard a private military jet that the military authority will dispatch them for training courses in other countries based on related military agreements.

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