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Education highlights need for more school buses to transport students

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‘Urgent need particularly for female students’

KUWAIT CITY, April 26: The Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education Affairs at the Ministry of Education Osama Al-Sultan announced that educational zones need 1,359 buses to transport male and female students in the future, as there are 23,444 male and female students who benefit from the bus service, reports Al-Anba daily. He explained that the ministry, taking into account the precautionary measures imposed by the state in light of the global pandemic, is still waiting for the concerned authorities to notify about the return of students to schools. In a letter addressed to the Assistant Undersecretary for Administrative Affairs at the Ministry of Education, he indicated about a request to develop a study concerning the extent of the need to provide transportation services for students requiring school buses during the coming years, as well as a study on the need to provide meals for kindergarten students.

Educational specialists stated that providing transportation services for students is considered an urgent need particularly for female students of religious institutes, which are less widespread in the governorates of Kuwait. There are only nine institutions, and it is often difficult for many parents to reach these places. Some educational zones called for an increase in the number of available buses due to the increasing number of students.

Educational specialists have agreed on the need to continue student transportation services and provision of buses for the following reasons:
1- Driving students individually will cause traffic jams and severe congestion on the roads especially around the schools, which may sometimes lead to danger to the lives of students who have to cross the streets to reach the school gates.

2- Regarding religious education, the distribution of religious institutes in all regions of Kuwait necessarily requires the provision of means of transportation.

3- There is an urgent need for buses for students suffering from Down’s Syndrome, slow learners, special groups, and students of special classes.

Regarding the provision of meals for kindergarten students, the educational specialists highlighted the importance of continuing to provide meals for kindergarten students, especially nutritional meals, for the following reasons:

1- The need of these children to eat healthy meals that are high in calories required for their growth and energy levels.

2- Some parents are not aware of proper and appropriate nutrition for that age group.

3- The long stay of children in kindergarten schools and their need for nutrition, especially since there are many children who refuse to eat breakfast in their homes but accept food in schools when they are with their peers.

4- The companies that provide these meals are specialized and ensure the usefulness and safety of the meals for these children.

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