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‘Earthquakes’ in Kuwait have nothing to do with oil drilling

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 5: Researcher and geologist, Dr Mubarak Al-Hajri, has called on the authorities concerned with monitoring and following up on earthquakes, to conduct research to understand and study the causes that lead to earthquakes in Kuwait, reports Al-Qabas daily. Al-Hajri told the daily, the recent tremor on Monday has nothing to do with oil extraction especially in the Al-Manakeesh area, saying what has been announced by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) that it monitored the tremor at a depth of 8 kilometers confirms this.

He added: “There is confusion and a link to the reason for the occurrence of these deep earthquakes with oil extraction operations, but in fact the deepest reservoir in the Manakeesh field, the area in which the seismic tremor occurred, is 3 km, while the tremor was measured at a depth of 8 km.” He added: “There are two types of earthquakes that occur in Kuwait. The first is light earthquakes that follow a large earthquake that originates from the nearest line, which is the Zagros mountain range in southern Iran, as a result of the collision of the Arabian Peninsula plate with the Eurasian plate, and it is usually felt by residents of coastal areas in Kuwait.” As for the other type, it occurs locally in the Manakeesh area at depths of up to 8 and 10 km, and is felt by the residents of southern Kuwait, but so far there is no clear geological reason that explains the occurrence of this type of local earthquake

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