Tuesday , October 23 2018

Early retirement eyed for parents taking care of handicapped kids

This is a file photo of By winning her seat, Al Hashem became the ninth woman to be elected to Kuwait’s National Assembly since women gained the right to vote. (AFP)

KUWAIT CITY, June 15: The Parliament’s Handicapped Affairs Committee, in its meeting Thursday, agreed to reduce the required number of years in service to choose early retirement for parents taking care of people with disabilities from 20 to 15 years for men and from 15 to 10 years for women.

Committee member MP Safa Al-Hashem said they also approved the proposed establishment of special institutes for the handicapped in all governorates. She explained the proposal to reduce the required number of years in service to opt for early retirement was passed despite the equal number of votes for and against it because the chairman’s vote has more weight.

She added she agrees with the Public Authority for Social Security (PASS) that taking care of the handicapped is a humanitarian duty. She stressed the State has never been stingy in terms of providing assistance to the handicapped, including provision of wheelchairs and physiotherapy.

Also, she revealed the number of persons who presented fake medical certificates to claim that they are handicapped has increased to 592, especially among those claiming to be suffering from severe disability.

She went on to say the handicapped must be strong and they must motivate themselves to integrate into mainstream society, indicating that financial support for the handicapped should not be increased to more than the salaries of employees as this will only discourage those with disabilities from engaging in income-generating activities.

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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