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Driving license validity

I have a query regarding the validity of Kuwait driving license. It was issued in 2011 and I left Kuwait for 2 years. I came back on another visa but with the same Civil ID number. The validity of my license shows the year 2021. Will it be a problem for me to drive with the same driving license? Or should I go and inquire from the Traffic Department.

Name withheld

Answer: Please remember that your license expires automatically when your residence is cancelled. This has always been the case for decades, even before the new law linking the validity of a driving license to the residence was enacted. As your previous residence had expired, so had your license. Now you can’t drive on that license and must approach the Kuwait Traffic Department for renewal of the previous license. Please remember that Kuwait is very strict on the issue these days and if you are caught driving on the old license you will deemed to be “driving without a license and could face very strict action … even deportation. So, don’t drive in Kuwait until you get the previous license renewed.”

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