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Driving license obtained on basis of Muscat driving license – Change in profession cancel it?

I came to Kuwait as a teacher six months ago, with a salary of KD 400. Now I want to change my profession to marketing personnel.

I obtained a licence in between (based on my valid Muscat licence). Now, if I change my profession, will may licence be invalid? Please answer the query, so I can take a decision on switching the profession.

Name withheld

Answer: If you obtained your Kuwaiti driving licence on the basis of your valid Muscat licence alone, we can dare say that you will have no problem if you switch your designation.

On the other hand if other factors were taken into consideration by virtue of your being a teacher, then we are afraid you will have difficulties in keeping your licence with a switch in designation.

Under the Kuwait Law, to qualify to apply for a driving licence you should satisfy 3 conditions:

1. Have a university degree

2. Earn at least KD 600 a month

3. Must have been a resident of Kuwait for at least two years at the time of application.

You may however receive exemption from meeting any or all of these conditions depending on your profession of which teaching is one of the professions that qualifies for exemption.

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